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Approx. taxi fares from Oita Airport to main destinations in Oita Prefecture

* Table below describes estimated fares to central areas of main destinations
* Fares may vary depending on traffic.

To main destinations in Oita prefecture
As of April 1, 2014

Destinations Small size car
(4 passengers)
Medium size car
(5 passengers)
Kitsuki Station 5,490yen 6,720yen
Beppu 9,480yen 11,900yen
Yufuin 12,790yen 16,220yen
Oita 14,040yen 17,850yen
11,400yen 14,400yen
Oita Stadium 15,860yen 22,200yen
Usuki 19,400yen 25,440yen
Tsukumi 21,090yen 27,020yen
Saiki 24,930yen 32,060yen
Bungo-Ono 22,960yen 29,470yen
Taketa 22,100yen 28,320yen
Taketazu Port 9,140yen 11,470yen
Bungo-Takada 8,950yen 11,230yen
Usa 11,970yen 15,120yen
10,960yen 13,870yen
Nakatsu 16,050yen 20,440yen
12,400yen 15,740yen
Kokonoe 15,190yen 19,340yen
Kusu 17,010yen 21,740yen
Hita 22,290yen 28,600yen

Chartered taxi fares for sightseeing routes (bound for Beppu City)
Sightseeing routes Small size car
(4 passengers)
Medium size car
(5 passengers)
Travel time
Beppu A route
(Beppu Jigokumeguri (the "Hell" Tour))
15,100yen 17,100yen 3h
Beppu B route
(the "Hell" Tour—Takasaki mountain—Umitamago aquarium)
19,000yen 21,800yen 5h
Kunisaki Peninsula A route
(Futagoji temple, Fuki temple, Kumano Magaibutsu (stone Buddha), Maki-Odo temple etc.)
24,000yen 27,500yen 4.5h

There are other attractive sightseeing routes, such as the Yufuin routes, Aso-Kuju routes, Kijima Kogen (plateau) routes, Yabakei routes (Ao-no-domon (blue cave mouth), Rakanji temple), Usuki stone Buddhas routes and Usa shrine routes. Feel free to ask the driver about travel time and fare

Oita Airport Taxi Council
Kitsuki Kunisaki Godo Taxi Co., Ltd. 0978-72-1122 Daiichi kotsu Co.,Ltd 0978-67-0143
Minato Taxi Co., Ltd. 0978-72-1234 Musashi Taxi Co., Ltd. 0978-68-1151